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The Breaking Digital Podcast With Doyle Buehler

The Breaking Digital Podcast is for business innovators looking to implement key digital strategies, digital leadership ideas, social selling & marketing initiatives for enterprise & entrepreneurs.

The Breaking Digital Show is hosted by Doyle Buehler, where he interviews digital leaders and influencers from around the world, who are creating amazing results and impact with digital.

The show is about giving you the necessary insights and ideas from some of the world's greatest strategists, digital marketers and implementors, and the tools you need to think more strategically and putting your digital ecosystem and online assets in order to maximize their value.

We regularly cover key insights into Digital Strategies, Leadership & Marketing For Enterprise & Entrepreneurs, including digital disruption, transformation, social selling, social media, web development, selling, funnel development, marketing, communication, training, and many other core digital strategies that affect every business.

Jan 30, 2018

Technology & Innovation: Why it Will Keep your Business Thriving!
Are you afraid of new technology in your business or are you ready to embrace it?
Robert Scoble the technology evangelist and writer of the Scobleizer blog, as well as the author of many popular books including Age of Context and The Fourth Transformation gets candid on why businesses can’t afford to fear new technology and the disruptive changes that come with it. If you don’t find a way to adapt your business, someone else may build on your platform and do it better by making it more efficient and user friendly. 
In episode 44 of the Breaking Digital Podcast, Robert Scoble explores the exciting world of technology by looking at some of the most successful technologies like Microsoft, Xbox, Apple and 360 cameras to what is going to be hot, new, and exciting in 2018 technology. Robert predicts that 2018 will be serving up a hot menu of: Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Self-driving cars, Drones, and Cryptocurrency! And you will never guess what he thinks we will ALL be wearing very soon! 
In this Episode!
Robert shares what technologies have been killing it and what you can expect your future to look like from a business and personal perspective. You’ll learn about exciting technologies and how your business needs to change:
  • Self-driving cars are coming and why people are so excited for themNever say “never” because customers will change their behaviours 
  • Building something with utility will get people over the “freaking-line” 
  • Thoughts on technologies that made themselves a name: Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon and more!
  • The Human Condition: strategies to get over your fear of technology and change
  • How to implement hack-a-thon Fridays at the office
  • How to be innovative for innovation sake
  • Get on board with a whole new world: Augmented Reality, Halo-Lense, Virtual Reality and more!
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