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The Breaking Digital Podcast With Doyle Buehler

The Breaking Digital Podcast is for business innovators looking to implement key digital strategies, digital leadership ideas, social selling & marketing initiatives for enterprise & entrepreneurs.

The Breaking Digital Show is hosted by Doyle Buehler, where he interviews digital leaders and influencers from around the world, who are creating amazing results and impact with digital.

The show is about giving you the necessary insights and ideas from some of the world's greatest strategists, digital marketers and implementors, and the tools you need to think more strategically and putting your digital ecosystem and online assets in order to maximize their value.

We regularly cover key insights into Digital Strategies, Leadership & Marketing For Enterprise & Entrepreneurs, including digital disruption, transformation, social selling, social media, web development, selling, funnel development, marketing, communication, training, and many other core digital strategies that affect every business.

Aug 1, 2016

Having an incredible Linkedin profile is a hard task. We're all great at our own job, but putting together what we do, in a Linkedin profile, is some serious challenge for all of us. There is too much information, but not enough of the right information. This, sadly means that your profile can easily get missed when other people are looking for 'you'.

Digital Influencer Naomi Johnson knows how to create amazing profiles on Linkedin. Taken from years of experience, she creates a clear and clever understanding of what all professionals need with their Linkedin profile. Naomi Johnson takes the mundane information that we don't seem to care about, and put it all into perspective for stunning profiles that get you attention on Linkedin. 

How can your audience find you on Linkedin? An amazing Linkedin profile. That's how. Digital Influencer Naomi Johnson is serious about creating the best profile on Linkedin, and shows you how to create compelling content to tell your own brand story. 

In this episode, Naomi takes charge of my own profile, and tells me what is working and definitely what does not work (or sucks, in my case). Through thick and thin, she puts all of the pieces together, for something that works for me and my business. She'll do the same for you and your profile, with some great tips, insights and strategies for getting everything that you need, onto Linkedin.

Digital influencer, Naomi Johnson goes into some extreme detail as to how you can improve your Linkedin profile properly, to attract and retain your audience. It's not easy, but with some of the key content principles that Naomi outlines, you can get to the bottom of creating a remarkable profile on Linkedin, every time.

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