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The Breaking Digital Show is hosted by Doyle Buehler, where he interviews digital leaders and influencers from around the world, who are creating amazing results and impact with digital.

The show is about giving you the necessary insights and ideas from some of the world's greatest strategists, digital marketers and implementors, and the tools you need to think more strategically and putting your digital ecosystem and online assets in order to maximize their value.

We regularly cover key insights into Digital Strategies, Leadership & Marketing For Enterprise & Entrepreneurs, including digital disruption, transformation, social selling, social media, web development, selling, funnel development, marketing, communication, training, and many other core digital strategies that affect every business.

Feb 28, 2018

Marketing to Mums: The Untapped Billion Dollar Market 
Does your company market to mums? If not, Katrina McCarter is here to tell you why you are missing out on a billion dollar industry that is still in its infancy! 
Katrina McCarter is the founder and CEO of Marketing to Mums a marketing strategist company that specialises in helping businesses sell to Australia’s most powerful consumer: MUMS! Yes, mum’s. Not only an award-winning business woman and mum of 3, Katrina McCarter is also the author of the best selling book Marketing to Mums: How to Sell More to Australia’s Most Powerful Consumer where she shares her insights, expertise and years of market research. 
In episode 45 of the Digital Delusion, Katrina explains that mums are a $132 billion dollar industry yearly in Australia and a trillion dollar industry in the United States making them the biggest contributor to GDP in the country. The influence of mums and how much money they control make them a massive opportunity for businesses who want to get it right! You don’t want to miss her tips on connecting over social platforms and the one big mistake you want to avoid when marketing to mums! 
In this Episode!
Katrina shares why marketing to mums and businesses that help other businesses market to mums is still in its infancy. You’ll learn about exciting digital marketing opportunities, things to avoid, and your best marketing resources for mums: 
  • How you can get “in” on marketing to mums
  • Avoid the #1 thing that moms hate when they are being marketed to
  • The 3-4 key digital opportunities that aren’t being harnessed by brands right now
  • How to create a business strategy for Facebook Live (Yes! You need a strategy!)
  • Marketing to millennial mums versus mums 35+
  • How to balance sales based content, valued added content, and engagement contentWhy you should be using soft data to develop relationships and learn more about your ideal and most profitable clients.
  • How to start a working relationship with Facebook groups and why they may work better than paid advertising
  •  Market to the “Invisible Woman” 
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