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Breaking Digital, with Doyle Buehler is the digital dirty talk for entrepreneurs who are making a difference online. It is for smart entrepreneurs looking to become smarter. This is digital leadership; giving all entrepreneurs the ability to create massive success online, utilising key knowledge and understandings of the digital marketing and strategy space.
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Aug 9, 2016

Technology and digital don't always go together. Yes, they are "made" for each other, but they also need a lot of support to make them really work together. You need strategy and a plan. 

Digital Influencer Justin Davies Justin is a digital strategist with a focus on growing companies, Managing Director of strategy, marketing and digital consultancy Emergination, and co-founder of

Working with established businesses as well as IT startups, Justin is passionate about how smart marketing combined with technology can transform business for competitive advantage.
Justin has a unique blend of marketing, business and online experience. He has a successful track record in delivering solid profitable business growth. He has won business in excess of $20 million and managed individual programmes of software development and strategic work in excess of $10 million. Prior to these roles, he was an Account Director in the advertising industry working with major brands such as RACWA, ANZ and BankWest.
He is an experienced public speaker on a wide range of topics in the digital space, as well as being published in Business News and industry journals. 
He regularly chairs conferences at CeBIT, the southern hemisphere's largest technology conference. Justin has an excellent understanding of the contemporary application of IT within business and new online business models. Through a background in marketing and advertising, he has a deep understanding of all aspects of marketing from strategic planning, market identification, research, concept development, communications strategy and implementation. He is particularly strong at grasping concepts quickly and in turn communicating those concepts effectively . He has a keen interest in new and growing business ventures.
Justin has successfully served as a director on 4 companies, 3 of which have been in non-executive roles and is a graduate of the AICD Company Directors Course. He is a non-executive Director of the Lakelands Country Club and GolfWA.

Digital influencer, Justin Davies goes into some extreme detail as to how you can improve your digital strategy and implementation,  to attract and retain your audience. It's not easy, but with some of the key content principles that Justin outlines, you can get to the bottom of creating a remarkable business online, every time.

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